Preview South Park’s ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Episode Before it Airs

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There’s a big difference between fame and infamy.

However, the reality TV and viral video worlds don’t know the meaning of either word. Ratings and views are all that matter in these twisted realms. And children aren’t safe from the mess either.

Just look at 7-year old “Honey Boo Boo” star Alana Thompson. Her family has gotten so much attention off their child pageant reality show that South Park will be spoofing the young star and her mother on the next episode. Their extreme need to dedicate their lives to the pageant circuit has been criticized and scrutinized for the permanent affects it may have on the young child.

The episode has been dubbed ‘Raising the Bar.’

“We wanna pick a pig that has pizzazz and knows how to work it, girl,” the animated mother says, while holding onto a smiling Alana. “I want that one!” the cartoon version of 7-year-old Alana exclaims. She quickly changes her mind, saying, “That pig over there gave me the evil eye. I want that one! I want that one!”

Watch the full show tonight at 10 PM on Comedy Central and let us know what you think.