Superman Quits His Job At The Daily Planet

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It looks like Clark Kent is going to hit Mediabistro for a new gig!

The Daily Planet has a new job opening as “Superman” issue 13 finds the Man of Steel’s alter-ego, mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, quitting the Metropolis newspaper in a not-so-mild manner. The Daily Planet has been Clark/Supe’s employer since his earliest days in 1940 and in the latest issue of the New 52 series, Clark resigns in front of the whole staff.

The Daily Planet has changed just as much as Superman has; now the news rag is part of the multimedia corporation Galaxy Broadcasting.

Scott Lobdell, who began his run on the book alongside artist Kenneth Rocafort last month, believes that changing Superman’s culture is akin to doing “a cannonball in the Super-verse.” Critics are saying that the artistic duo does not know what they’re doing with the legendary DC Comics superhero, saying, “Scott [Lobdell] has been watching too much ‘Newsroom.'”

Clark’s resignation from The Daily Planet is just one of the many plot points of note in the new issue, available digitally and in comic shops Wednesday. The New 52 issue finds the Big Blue Boy Scout pushing the limits of his powers; seeing a disturbing text message regarding Lois Lane and her new boyfriend, and a new Kryptonian threat that will be introduced to fanboys and nerds.

Superman’s situation is similar to many of us in real life. But is that enough to bring comic fans to the table to read the New 52 issue when it hits stores? Leave your comments in the section below.

Props: USA Today