Surveillance Video Captures Gunplay Attacking Accountant With Gun


Things for Gunplay are looking grim, unless lawyers for the rapper can prove he is not the man in the following surveillance video. Earlier this week, Gunplay turned himself in to Miami-Dade Police for armed robbery and two assault charges. This past April the MMG rapper reportedly stole a cell phone and a gold chain from his accountant during a meeting that turned into a near-death experience for the number cruncher. The surveillance video captures the encounter. In the disturbing clip, a man believed to be Gunplay is first seen calmly talking to a man at a desk. In a second the mood changes, with the recently assaulted rapper whipping out a gun and using it to assault the man in the office. He gets away with what appears to be one pistol whip to the dome before the third person in the video intervenes and helps things from getting even worse. According to lawyers for Gunplay, the rapper could face life in prison if convicted of the charges.