Sway Talks To President Obama on Same-Sex Marriage, Global Warming and Music


President Obama sat down with media personality Sway Calloway at the White House in a half-hour special where young voters got to grill the Head-of-State on their concerns ahead of next week’s election. During “Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview with the President,” Sway’s second go-round with the Prez covered a variety of topics from jobs to college costs to LGBTQ rights. “Ultimately, I believe that if we have that conversation at the state level, the evolution taking place in this country will get us to a place where were going to be recognizing” same-sex marriages,” says Obama. “What is really going to change this is young people – their attitudes are going to reflect the future, instead of the past.” Of course, music became a talking point as Obama revealed that he was bumping Bob Marley as an undergrad. Now, he challenges today’s generation of artists to become more political. “You know, it’s an interesting question. We haven’t seen as much directly political music,” says Obama. “You know, I think the most vibrant musical art form right now over the last 10, 15 years has been hip-hop. Some folks have kind of dabbled in political statements, but a lot of it has been more cultural than political. You’ve got folks like Springsteen who are still putting out very strong political statements, but I’d like to see a more explicit discussion of the issues that are out there right now, because music’s such a powerful mechanism.” When Obama admitted to being too busy to update his iPod, Sway responded with, “I’ll hook you up.” Watch our President speak on global warming–an issue that was absent from all three presidential debates–below. Anderson Cooper will also air the interview tonight on CNN 360 at 8pm ET.

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