The Sweet Life: President Obama vs. Mitt Romney, Round 1


And the winner is…well that’s debatable.

As I watched alongside with the world, President Obama and Governor Romney square off in what was the most anticipated night of the year, I was keeping my own scorecard; living in my own existence, seeing it through my own prism. I was still humming Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life” that I just muted at the 9pm hour…”You have had a landscaper, and a housekeeper since you were born…so why see the world, when you got the beach.” I looked at Romney having the Sweet Life wondering if he could prove to the American people that he can see the world through the horizons of his own beach. I wanted to know if he could create the narrative that his policies could move me melodically to the American dream…the sweet life. As the screen split on my non-HD TV (keeping it so real), I saw a President that was raised on a beach standing resilient on his policies that he has implemented. Policies that allow the American people a chance at success to see the world. Yet, I was still asking myself, is his vocal performance enough for an encore.

Just as I began to render my decision, I spoke with the world…in this case, a conversation with my friend Daniel from Norway, who had just watched his first American Presidential Debate. I asked his opinion, to declare a winner or loser…and it was in his answer, at that moment, the song changed. He said his opinion is inconsequential because he doesn’t have a stake in the election, he is just a visitor. That’s when it hit me. How many Cleopatra’s are out there working at the Pyramid that feel the same way as Daniel-that this debate is inconsequential to their day to day life. That they feel just like a visitor in their own country. The issues being addressed won’t get them beyond the 47% stigma. They won’t be able communicate their opinions of moral obligation to help a fellow human being vs. the constitutional right of a citizen to have access to affordable healthcare, quality education, and access to capital to start the small business she dreams while at work every night….after all we know how entitled Cleopatra can be.

I thought it was Bad Religion of Romney to distort the truth to the Cleopatra’s of America regarding his taxes, healthcare policy, Wall Street regulations, and Medicare. The same Medicare that Cleopatra’s mother uses to maintain her strength to watch the kids while Cleopatra’s pursues the sweet life. It’s bad religion to use your own truth to start a domestic (policy) war to show that you can be Commander-In-Chief. It’s bad religion to even want to discuss Russia & China…oh wait…that’s the topic for the next debate. So in my decision, I was Thinking About You Cleopatra…and I choose Obama as the winner of the debate to get you that sweet life…enjoy.

Mike Muse is the youngest American to raise a million dollars for Obama’s campaign. He can be reached at [email protected], on twitter @iammikemuse,and