10 Vixens Who Have Aged Gracefully


Age is nothing but a number, but when it comes to celebrities it determines whether you’re good enough to still be called relevant in the forever changing entertainment industry. Women are often put under pressure for their looks and must do whatever it takes to keep their skin looking young and body fit. Luckily there are some celebs who have it easy and were lucky enough to take a dip into the fountain of youth itself.

Vixen has rounded up ten vixens who seem to defy time and look as young as they did when they arrived on the mainstream scene.

Take a look at the ladies who have and continue to age gracefully.


1. Halle Berry

Black simply doesn’t crack when it comes to this 46-year-old Academy Award winning actress. She still manages to look stunning after all of these years while balancing being a mother, filming movies and being a makeup brand ambassador.