The Best Home Remedies for Any Hair Type


What do you do when your money is low and your hair looks a mess?

Luckily you can find the best products for your hair right in your kitchen. The most popular items for home hair remedies are honey and olive oil. Honey provides the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and moisture to your hair while olive oil is also your hair’s best friend nourishes your tresses, making them stronger.

There’s also coconut oil, eggs and cinnamon, baby powder and several other pantry items that can have your hair back to heathy.–Desire Thompson
Remedy 1: Want shiny hair?

This natural ayurvedic remedy does the trick if you want shiny hair. Take one mashed banana, one egg (with yolk), three tablespoons of milk and three tablespoons of honey, place it all in a bowl and mix well. You can use a blender or a fork–whatever works for you. Start at the scalp and apply through hair and leave in for 30 mins. Wash with a mild shampoo. After two tries you will actually see the difference!

Many people believe that it is best to sit under a dryer during the 30 minutes, but from experience it only makes the mix hard- and some of the mix won’t rest on the scalp!

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