Throwback Thursday: When Male R&B Groups Ruled


While recently viewing Charles Barkley’s, pitiful yet hilarious, Karaoke Ode to Boy II Men’s ‘End of The Road’ at Lucky B’s bar in North Carolina–only to be saved by Boys II Men themselves–I started to reflect. Taking into consideration that singing certainly isn’t this NBA legend’s strong suit, nostalgia hit me harder than a sand storm in a Middle Eastern desert. I came to the sudden realization of how male R&B groups have become pretty much obsolete. So many have disbanded with many lead singers focusing on their own solo career and so on.

Flash back to the ’80s and ’90s, male R&B groups ruled the Billboard Charts and touched the depths of our souls. They were a vital part of the industry. Never once did I imagine the day they’d cease to fade in existence (Yes, admittedly some have tried to make a comeback but it always seemed to be without the same success they once had).

From New Edition’s “Candy Girl” and Boys II Men’s “End of The Road” to 112’s “Cupid” and Dru Hill’s “How Deep Is Your Love?” these R&B crooners’ sounds were never more than a Walkman, CD player, concert or radio station away. In honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look back at a few of the groups that stole our hearts with their sultry sounds.

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