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Top 25 MAC Collaborations We'd Love To See!

MAC has curated some of the most coveted limited edition collections known to beauty junkies by aligning themselves with girl empowering brands and renowned icons in entertainment & fashion. From Barbie, Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman and Lady Gaga to the current Marilyn Monroe, Azealia Banks and Carine Roitfeld collections, MAC’s collaborations with notable brands and personas keeps us coming back for more.

While reflecting on our favorite MAC Collaborations, we began thinking about partnerships we’d love to see the beauty brand bring to the forefront of our ever-budding make up collections in the future.

From Eartha Kitt to Joan Smalls to Scandal’s Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington, take a look at the top 25 list of MAC collections we’d love to see!

MAC Collabs Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, Iman, Beverly Johnson




As a woman of color in the modeling industry, Beverly paved the way for many and broke barriers becoming the first ever-Black model to cover the fashion bible known as Vogue. She’s proof the Black girls certainly do rock. After all, she is one of the most influential figures in fashion of the 21st century, as noted by the New York Times. A Beverly Johnson for MAC collection would be nothing less than iconic.

24.  IMAN

From Gianni Versace to Donna Karan to Yves Saint Laurent, Iman has been practically every designer’s muse with her exotic beauty, slender figure and humble spirit. While she may have a cosmetic line of her own we’d love to see a collection paying homage to all her work in the modeling world and philanthropy.


Straight from the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris to the 2010 face of Gucci to the host of MTV’s revived House of Style, Joan has always been one Vixen to watch, especially after being recently dubbed the number one sought-after model in the world. A first class collab featuring signature lip shades allowing us to recreate the Latina beauty’s signature pout? We’ll take it!


This Victoria’s Secret Angel is no stranger to the runway having started her career at the tender age of 13. Much like her predecessor Beverly Johnson, Chanel set records by becoming the youngest model to ever grace the cover of Vogue. As for a collection, think youthful and vibrant with a focus on blushes that highlight high cheekbones.

MAC Collabs Designers




Let’s face it: Marc, as our pick, really needs no explanation. Between being the creative director at Louis Vuitton, managing several of his own eponymous lines and wearing dresses better than any of us women could imagine, we’re sure he’d be more than ecstatic to create his own coveted beauty collection with vibrant pops of color.


By far one of our top favorite fashion designers, Tracy never fails or hesitates to impress. Even the First Lady Michelle Obama,and Queen B have both made note of that. We’re thinking an ultra feminine, elegant collection of beauty products perfect for the modern woman that would be transitional from day to night would be more than suitable for a day at the office.


From the creative director of Rocawear to owning her highly successful eponymous fashion brand in only a short amount of time, Rachel knows just how to turn subtle into sexy without overdoing it. She creates show-stopping moments on the red carpet with her fashions and we are quite certain a beauty collection would sure follow suit.


Victoria’s a force to be reckoned with. From being apart of one of the greatest girl groups of all time to owning her own fashion brand--all while managing life with a handsome husband and kids--this super woman certainly deserves her own beauty line. We’re thinking a whimsical and classic collection perfect for a day at the office or a night out with our girls.


President of the CDFA, former Princess of Fürstenberg, Queen of design and a vocal voice of female empowerment--need we say more? An effortless, subtle palette of neutral colors with rose gold lip glasses (so we can all channel our inner Wonder Woman) is all we ask for.

MAC Collabs Hollywood Legends




Eartha has always been the purrrrfect Vixen. In her heyday, she was a triple threat and one of our favorite actresses who managed to channel the pure essence of Catwoman on screen. A fierce, feminine and refined collection would help us to channel the pure essence that is Eartha Kitt.


Dorothy was ahead of her time and quite frankly paved the way for so many black actresses in Hollywood by being the first to ever be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She’s a legend. As for a collection, think timeless and refined.


This legendary red-headed iconic comedian won her way into the hearts of millions with her knack for trouble, hunger for stardom and her friendship with Ethel Mertz as Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy. And who can forget that crimson pout? Every woman needs a red shade of lipstick in her beauty collection that’ll make a man bow down at her feet.


Elizabeth had the uncanny ability to capture millions of hearts on and off screen. Her style was the epitome of old Hollywood glamour. From her dramatic eyeliner to her ruby red lipstick, her beauty never went unnoticed. A beauty palette channeling Cleopatra would certainly be a head turner.

MAC Collabs Animated Vixens




Hell hath no fury like a woman named Storm. A force of nature to be reckoned with, X-Men’s leading lady is a triple threat. She’s a queen, one of the first black female superheros and has the ability to give Mother Nature a run for her money. A Fall/Winter collaboration filled with lots of metallic, silver, deep red and black hues would help us to create that icy cold look this shero has been rocking for decades.


Jessica’s the hottest animated Vixen to ever appear in a cartoon with her voluptuous assets, crimson beauty and sashay that makes men weak. We’d love to recreate her well-defined high brow and her sultry red pout. Roger that!


Sure, MAC has released a Venomous Villains collection with Disney but what about the Princesses? A haute collaboration featuring Disney’s first ever African American princess is something our heart desires. A signature eyeliner to create Princess Tiana’s effortless cat eye is a must-have in our beauty collection.

9. Daisy Duck

This feisty duck never misses a step. Between throwing parties with Minnie Mouse, keeping Donald hot on his toes and being a faithful participant in her favorite extreme sport of shopping, her style and beauty regime is always up to par. She’s the queen of batting lashes to get what she wants. We’re craving her voluminous lashes ourselves.

MAC Collabs TV




She’s powerful, fearless, stylish and has absolutely no filter when it comes to expressing her thoughts. Olivia’s ability to "fix" things intrigues us to say the least. Combine her wit and style with some beauty know-how and you have yet another force to be reckoned with.


The Upper East Side just couldn’t any better than Serena and Blair’s rocky but ever-lasting, scandal-filled friendship. And with the popular series in its final season this year, we desire a B&S-inspired beauty collection to add to our GG vault of memories.


It’s been a little over a decade since the timeless high school film graced our TV screens, but Cher and Dionne’s influence on pop culture still reigns with their style and sassy one-liners. As if you weren’t aware! They were the original It girls of 90’s tween era. Reprising it in the form of 90's-inspired nail lacquers, lip-glosses and eye shadows will bring out the decade old It girl in us all.


In a 90’s kind of world, before Sex in the City, Single Ladies, Girlfriends and Friends, there was a group of women who were tight like glu and the epitome of the modern-day woman. The cultural influence of the half-hour series and the friendships that transcended into the forementioned shows and beyond deserves homage in the form of a beauty collection complete with natural hues and subtle shades perfect for the Millennial woman.

MAC Collabs Athletes




At the age of 16, she’s accomplished more than some ever will in a lifetime by making history as the first African American woman and gymnast to win individual all-around champion in the Olympics. And she isn’t quite done yet. A gold Olympian-inspired collection highlighting this young hero’s accomplishments in the form of golden themed beauty products would be more than coveted.


These tennis Grand Slam phenoms are more than women--they’re wonder women. Just when we think they can’t get any better, they prove us wrong time and time again, defeat after defeat, on the courts and beyond. Serena’s fabulous Glam Slam Collection with OPI would be nothing compared to a haute duo collection with her sister for MAC with products named after championships each woman has under her belt.


A pioneer of and one of the top players in the history of the WBNA, Lisa Leslie is proof that the girls are just as good as the boys. She’s paved the way for many women who love to dribble the ball. She also has a modeling career under her belt of accomplishments. A beauty collection paying homage to sports legend and motivational speaker’s accomplishments comes well deserved.


Being the daughter of a heavy weight champion of the world is one thing, but Laila Ali has paved her own path with an able to hold her weight as the light heavy weight star of her own limelight all on her own. A TKO collection filled with natural palettes is what we crave.

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JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

That Glow, Tho: How To Revive Your Skin After A Brick A** Winter

Whew, chile! Freshly fallen snow may be nice to look at, but the dry skin that accompanies the winter months ain’t it. And by the time the first tulip blooms come springtime, best believe your skin—which just endured months of humidity-deprived conditions—is super parched. Pass the moisturizer, please!

“The lack of humidity during the winter months is the main cause for the ‘winter’s itch’ and dryness,” Dr. Meena Singh, board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, told VIBE Vixen over email. And let’s not forget how the shorter days rob us ladies of the melanated variety of our warm and natural glow.

Luckily, there are many ways to combat such cold weather woes, both during and after the winter.

“I personally change my regimen significantly between seasons,” Singh added. “In the winter time, I am more prone to use heavier ointments and butters. Whereas in the spring, I can typically get away with moisturizing with emollient creams and lotions.”

But that’s not all you can do to whip your skin back into shape. Looking to bring your fly and radiant self back to life? Look no further. Vixen reached out to five women of color dermatologists, who’ve shared the following tips to help you get started.


Hydrate From Within.

How many times have you asked a woman with bomb skin what her secret is and been met with the “I drink a lot of water” response? Did you figuratively roll your eyes? We’ve been there and we get it, especially since science says genetics do play a role in how your skin behaves—but homegirl wasn’t wrong!

Dr. Fran E. Cook-Bolden, board-certified NYC dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, tells Vixen that while you may not feel as thirsty when it’s cold out, it’s still important to stay hydrated and drink your eight glasses of water a day.

“The best way to avoid dry skin in the winter is to tackle it from the inside out,” she says.

Other ways to stay hydrated? suggests eating fruits such as apples, pears, and clementines, which are all over 80% water. Plus, not only will the vitamin C content of these fruits help you ward off the flu in the winter, but they’ll also keep you cool and refreshed once the weather warms up.

We stan a multifaceted solution.

Don't Forget To Cleanse.

As important as it is to drink your eight glasses a day, it’s also important to keep up with your cleansing routine—even if you’re not sweating as much.

In fact, board-certified Chicago dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson tells Vixen that maintaining moisture during the harsh winter months begins with cleansing. Washing our face removes makeup, dirt, and debris from the day, preventing buildup and breakouts. This also means the expensive serums and moisturizers you’ve probably splurged on are better absorbed by the skin.

But don’t overdo it!

“I find that many patients are over-cleansing, over-exfoliating or using cleansers that are not appropriate for their skin type and this is causing excess dryness,” she added. “Using a more mild cleanser can help tremendously in the battle against dryness.”

Our dermatologist-recommended favorite? CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser Bar.

It may also help to reconsider what you’re washing with when the weather changes. Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, Medical Director of Ingleton Dermatology, adds that as the temperatures go up, your routine should become “less heavy.”

“Switch from more hydrating cleaners and oils to foamy, gel-based cleaners” and to “a lighter weight daily moisturizer,” she advises. And if you’ve been skimping on the SPF don’t—you’ll definitely need it when the sun is back in these streets.

Keeping Up With "Wash Day" Is Important, Too.

Otherwise, you may end up with a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, which often appears on the scalp as a result of product buildup, but can also show up in skin folds such as behind the ears, under the breasts, etc.

“A dry, itchy and flaking scalp is very common in the winter and becomes more common as the frequency of washing the hair decreases,” Cook-Bolden tells Vixen. “When seborrheic dermatitis presents, it’s a common belief that applying scalp lotions, gels or pomades will help to treat the condition and is indeed sometimes helpful in temporarily soothing the itching and irritation.

However, as these products build up on the scalp, they can actually worsen the inflammation and overall worsen seborrheic dermatitis.”

So keep up with your hair care regimen, and if you do find yourself with a case of the seborrheic itchies, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dermatologist for an anti-inflammatory treatment.

Ceramides & Antioxidants Are Your Friends.

If you’re not familiar with ceramides and their superpowers, now’s the time to get familiar. Why? Because they can be extremely healing for desiccated skin.

As Atlanta board-certified dermatologist Dr. Tiffany Clay explains, ceramides are fats in the surface of the skin. When added to skin care products, they not only help your skin retain moisture, but they also give your skin a boost after being exposed to the elements like pollution and icy wind.

In terms of what to use, you’ll want to look for products described as “non-comedogenic,” which means a product is less likely to clog your pores. Additionally, products containing hyaluronic acid (HA) are also a win because of its ability to attract and hold water at the surface of the skin.

“I typically recommend patients keep their antioxidant serum/lotion (vitamin C) and their retinol on board no matter the season,” Clay also notes. “Over- the- counter retinols and prescription retinoids are vitamin A derived medications that most people use in a topical form.”

And they’re a major win-win. Using retinols/retinoids short term will help exfoliate your skin and give you that Kelly Rowland glow. Their long-term use helps to promote collagen production in the skin, minimizing fine lines and decreasing excess melanin production, which will even your complexion, reduce hyperpigmentation, and help reduce photo-damage.

As for vitamin C, look at it as SPF’s best friend.

“Vitamin C is an antioxidant that, when applied topically in combination with daily sun protection, decreases free-radical damage from ultraviolet exposure,” Clay shares.

Those rays don’t stand a chance.

Exfoliate, But Make It Gentle.

It may be tempting to grab the St. Ives but don’t. Instead, Clay suggests, get acquainted with chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandolin acid, or salicylic acid.

These strong but gentle powerhouses typically come labeled as AHAs and BHAs (alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid) and are way less harsh on the skin. Those over-the-counter scrubs you’re used to? They tend to leave scrapes and cuts on the skin, which can lead to inflammation and—you guessed it—hyperpigmentation... and we ain’t ask for all’at.

If you do decide to use a traditional scrub, Ingleton suggests trying Dove’s Exfoliating Body Scrub.

“This will help to slough away dry, dead cells on the surface and also hydrate/moisturize the skin in the process,” she says. “Apply a hydrating body lotion after doing the scrub.”

But again, be gentle!

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Kylie Jenner attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Kylie Jenner Doubles Down On Being Crowned A "Self Made" Billionaire

The premise of "self-made" and its interpretation when it comes to privileged celebrities has been a huge debate. When Kylie Jenner was named Forbes' youngest self-made billionaire, debates were raised due to her timeline in the limelight and her wealthy family. The 21-year-old defended her title, explaining how she doesn't fall into any ofter category.

"There’s really no other word to use other than self-made because that is the truth," she said in Q&A with Interview Magazine's German edition. "That is the category that I fall under," she started.

She acknowledged how her fan base equated to her success but refuted claims that she used her family's money to jump-start her wildly successful Kylie Cosmetics line.

"Although, I am a special case because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and lots of fans. I did not get money from my parents past the age of 15. I used 100 percent of my own money to start the company, not a dime in my bank account is inherited… and I am very proud of that."

Earlier this month (March 5) the mother-of-one officially surpassed Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest person to reach billionaire status, when Kylie Cosmetics hit a billion dollars in revenue.

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'Boomerang' Episode 7 Recap: Family Matters And Pride

Bryson and Simone are a thing, like for real for real. They can’t keep their hands (or tongues) off of one another. As the two of them get steamy in the jacuzzi, a sexually riled up Simone tells her new beau that she wants to treat his face like a bean bag. They are in it, y’all. There’s just one problem — they may be half-brother and sister (insert vomit emoji here). The excitement of finally landing the girl of his dreams is shut down when he reveals that his mother, Jacqueline, informed him that Marcus Graham may be his papa. (Wait. Does that mean Marcus cheated on Angela back in the day? Regardless, what a way to ruin a mood.)

As they wait for the DNA test results, Simone and Bryson still try to be business as usual, you know, chillin’ like they used to. Speaking of business, Bryson is all that. Ari may be his boy and all, but when it comes to directing Tia’s music video, Bryson wants an Italian dude to shoot it instead. He just doesn’t believe Ari can execute. All great directors have vision and through Bryson’s eyes, Ari has none. Simone can’t help but agree. It’s obvious that Tia and her bae are not at all pleased with the video production of her single. Bro gotsta go. Tia has never been one to hold back and in a fit of frustration, she does what Simone couldn’t verbalize; she fires Ari.

Like the “big bad boss” he is, Bryson harshly tells Ari that not only will he basically fail at being a producer, but people will notice that he doesn’t belong here. Hold up. Are we sure Bryson and Ari are friends? Tough love is understandable but to completely obliterate the dreams of someone you’ve been rocking with? That’s foul. Unlike Ari, Bryson knows that he was brought up with the keys and basically helped himself to whatever role he wanted in the industry, a luxury he can afford to extend. Why not help your friend out now even with a little guidance knowing his career aspirations?

Bryson may be able to but Simone is not willing to give up on Ari just yet. She lets Ari collaborate Bryson’s pick, Shayan, who is also seemingly having a hard time capturing dope shots. A conversation with Simone about perfecting his craft leaves Ari somewhat disappointed but open to the constructive criticism.

While enjoying the Atlanta Black Pride festivities, an old filing recognizes Ari and waves him down. In catching up, the discussion quickly takes a turn to sexual orientation labels with a judgemental tone and Ari is not having it. Sure, while he was with her, he liked women but sometimes he’d rather be with a man. “Bisexual,” “Gay,” call it whatever, he just likes who he likes, refuses to be put in a box, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What is not about to happen is him being judged by a woman with five kids and three baby favas. Yikes.

That frustration instantly births inspiration. Instead of dryly shooting Tia performing with Pride weekend just happening around her, Ari points out how the world needs to see all black people not caring about what anyone has to say about them, especially when the world includes women rocking $12 jewelry. Sashayers, milly-rockers, and twerkers galore, the video shines on the culture, highlighting Kings and Queens of all shades, ages, genders, and sexualities. It’s a good time. Even Bryson can give up his props and that lead director credit to Ari. You see, Bryson? You gotta have a little faith like David always has.

Speaking of our fave pastor, unlike many Baptist churches, it’s amazing to see that David embraces and participates in the Atlanta Black Pride weekend. With the help of Crystal, David is preaching a message of loving who you are and loving others. His sermon last week no doubt spoke to the soul but if you recall, Crystal did notice that a lovely lady attended the service moreso for David and less so for Jesus. That obviously triggered something. Crystal and David may not have been able to work out their marriage but the attraction is absolutely still there. Could it be one-sided though?

You didn’t think we forgot about Bryson and Simone, did you? It should be noted that for his entire life, all Bryson ever wanted was to be like Marcus Graham, but not like this. David is right: be careful what you pray for. No matter the outcome of the paternity test, Simone and Bryson will undoubtedly be in one another’s life (maybe less like Whitley and Dwayne and more like Denise and Theo).

Well, folks, the results are in (insert Maury voice). In the case of Bryson J. Broyer, Marcus, you are NOT the father! But, you may still have some ‘splaining to do. Now that they are officially not related, Simone can finally go ahead and have that seat. We know, sis has been tired all day. Ow!

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