Top 25 MAC Collaborations We’d Love To See!


MAC Collabs Animated Vixens




Hell hath no fury like a woman named Storm. A force of nature to be reckoned with, X-Men’s leading lady is a triple threat. She’s a queen, one of the first black female superheros and has the ability to give Mother Nature a run for her money. A Fall/Winter collaboration filled with lots of metallic, silver, deep red and black hues would help us to create that icy cold look this shero has been rocking for decades.


Jessica’s the hottest animated Vixen to ever appear in a cartoon with her voluptuous assets, crimson beauty and sashay that makes men weak. We’d love to recreate her well-defined high brow and her sultry red pout. Roger that!


Sure, MAC has released a Venomous Villains collection with Disney but what about the Princesses? A haute collaboration featuring Disney’s first ever African American princess is something our heart desires. A signature eyeliner to create Princess Tiana’s effortless cat eye is a must-have in our beauty collection.

9. Daisy Duck

This feisty duck never misses a step. Between throwing parties with Minnie Mouse, keeping Donald hot on his toes and being a faithful participant in her favorite extreme sport of shopping, her style and beauty regime is always up to par. She’s the queen of batting lashes to get what she wants. We’re craving her voluminous lashes ourselves.