Tour Diaries: A$AP Mob’s DJ J. Scott (Week 2)


For the second installment of our weekly briefing from A$AP Mob DJ A$AP J. Scott, the renaissance man finally reunites with the rest of his crew after they were all prohibited from entering Canada save him and Yams. Once the crew is formerly in tact, they geared up to put on shows in Detroit and Ohio.

Read on to peep J. Scott’s personal accounts of their Mid West part of the tour. Craziness abounds in bulk when the crew rolls with Danny Brown and the Bruiser Brigade through their hometown Detroit. We won’t spoil it but the paramedics had to be called at one point. Hey, work hard, play hard. Guess that’s why they’ve dubbed their tour bus Rikers Island. A$AP!


What up Scott? Did you make it to the Detroit show on time?

I got to Detroit late straight from a ride from Canada. I went straight from Toronto to sound check in Detroit. We drove the whole way with Rocky’s birthday cake.

Anything crazy happen that your crew reported in your absence?
Nothing to crazy. The only thing I heard that happened while I was gone was some one stole a license plate from one of our tour buses. Ha.

Editor’s note: this also happened in the D…

Haha. Of course that had to happen in the Motor City baby. How was the show though?
The crowds are always turned up out here. Plus we were in Danny Brown and the Bruiser Brigade’s home town so it was definitely live.

Any new tattoos to report?
No luck on the tattoos yet. As good as it sounds, its not that easy to do with the lack of time and to be honest we are in some random ass cities right now. Not sure how good the tattoos would be out here. So we didn’t do much in Detroit. Just purchased a few things and hung with the Bruiser Brigade mostly.

Ok. So how was shit in Ohio? Let’s start with Cincinnati.
Weel we drove to Cincy after Detroit. It was very low-key at first. Your boy had to make a snack run (that’s why they call me A$AP Snacks also) while the fellas was outside playing football. TDE was playing and so was the Bruiser Brigade. It was pretty chill during the day but the show in Cincinnati was super turnt up! The crowd was loving it.

Visit any tattoo shops?
Failed attempt at getting a tattoo again. Realize this task will not be an easy one.

Tell me about Cleveland? Did you see Howard The Duck rolling around town?
It was rainy in the city when we got there but that didn’t spoil anything. Cleveland is an important stop for us being this is where one of Rocky’s all time favorite groups, Bone Thugs N Harmony are from and this was his first time here. This is also where my Ma is originally from. After sound check one of our film crew, Flash from the ICU, ends up smashing his hand resulting in him needing stitches.

Columbus was next on the stop right? How’s that going?
I have a plug on a tattoo spot so hopefully me and Yams can make it through. Ohio State homecoming also which should be cool. Ohio is live man.

So you’re in Grand Rapids, MI.
Yup! Grand Rapids was an extremely turnt up crowd. It may have been more turnt up than Detroit. It was a cold ass night also.

Any tats yet?
Still no tattoo! It’s definitely not going to happen with our timing and lack of legit artist references.

How was your day off?

I left and went back to NYC from Grand Rapids for some meetings and shit. Rocky also went back for some shoots. Everyone else stayed back.

Still in the city?

I actually just got back today on tour today. This is my first time in Indianapolis. Our show is tonight. It’s just cold here that’s all I have witnessed for the hour or so being here.
It is a real job being on the road and being that we do a show every day pretty much its just a constant thing of moving not being able to do much in the cities,
Its a grind on the road. We call our bus Rikers Islands. It gets real on the Island, That’s why we call it that.

Photo Credit: Bready Filth

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