Tour Diaries: A$AP Mob’s DJ J. Scott (Week 3)


Check Out Week 3 of DJ J. Scott’s ASAP Mob Tour Diary.

Chicago (10/11)
Oh man Chicago… We did an in store with our RSVP Gallery Family before the show. Fredo Santana from Chief Keef’s camp came out to the show and showed loved. Other than that though this show was SUPER stressful! Right before I went on my laptop (which is relatively new) crashed. The show got delayed a bit because I had to get a set together from someone else’s laptop. RAP GAME STRESSFUL. But regardless the show went smoother than one could have expected with such a last minute mishap.

Milwaukee (10/12)
The dope ass Mexican Catering was on deck here for the record. It was so good I felt I had to comment on it. The spot we performed at (THE RAVE) had a haunted vibe to it. Brendan Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks came out and showed love!

Kansas City (10/14)
You know Tech N9ne came pulled up in the Lambo. We got the good BBQ catering, too.

Denver (10/15)
The altitude had us messed up there. Haha. Definitely had the oxygen tank on standby. Our brother Yelawolf came through to our show and so did Wilson Chandler (Denver Nuggets). Also we were sooo close to getting tattooed here. The tattoo artist was on the bus and everything but he smoked too good and couldn’t even do it at the time. STILL no tattoo!

We had a day off the following day in Denver. Actually our brother Yelawolf had his show that day so we went by and wilded out with him. Then we went to Beauty Bar afterwards for chicken and waffles at like 1am.

Salt lake city – THE WORST SOUND, that would probably be the least receptive thus far just because of the sound, the crowd was still live though, they were a good crowd, horrible sound though. Shout out to Karl Malone, not really though.

Pullman, WA (10/19)

We performed on campus at Washington State. It was just a straight solid show. Afterward we were chilling on campus with the students.

Vancouver (10/20)
Here we go again with Canada. Once again not every one can make it over the border. Only myself, Ferg, Rocky and Twelvy made it and we made the best of the show. Actually this turned to be probably one of the livest crowds though regardless of not everyone being there. Oh and of course have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ASAP FERG.

Seattle (10/21)
While a few of us were in Canada everyone else was stationed back in Seattle were we performing next. I had a chance to link with my homie Skip who runs a site Superdutytoughwork (in my IMNOTATOY community). He took me to a tattoo parlor but due to time constraints I didn’t have time to get any work done, STILL. Our boy Brock Fetch came thru also he lives there and has done a lot of the Mob’s photos including the LIVELOVEASAP album cover. He actually brought family through to tattoo me and Yams on the bus. Unfortunately, he left the ink at his place but had everything else.

We may just get something done in Portland. We’re driving there now. We’ll see if the homie can make it. We had a long stressful night later on in Seattle when we heard a friend of ours got something stolen from his car.

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