Tour Diary: A$AP MOB’s DJ J. Scott (Week 1)


The rambunctious A$AP Mob has hit the road for a fairly lengthy tour that will last until mid-November to promote their dark mixtape debut Lords Never Worry. The tour is off to a monstrous start judging from the sold out shows and masses of A$AP’s faithful who have been packing venues like New York City’s legendary Roseland to the gills.

With the first small leg of the exhausting schedule already in the bag, the Lords are proving they never worry as they face adversity and keep pushing from state to state. Not wanting to miss out on the action we’ve decided to burden the centerpiece of the tour, A$AP J. Scott, Rocky and the Mob’s tour DJ, with corresponding with while zig zagging across the nation and Canada. We say “burden” because Scott also manages Kilo Kish, and among other things is somewhat of a tattoo enthusiast. He’s claimed he is looking to get tatted in as many cities as possible on this tour which just adds to the long to-do list J. wakes up to daily.

Take it away J. Scott…

VIBE: So what happened at the Canadian Border?
J. Scott: We actually didn’t make it to Canada we got denied at the border and missed our show in Montreal. We have a day off today and we’re going to try and get into Toronto. It’s been a long ass day.

Damn. Did they cite any reasons? Canada Border police are the worst.
They just hated on us they held us for hours, searched the bus, brought the dogs out.Then they searched us and even searched the buses again. They approved some of us to go and some of us didn’t get approved for whatever reason they had that day. Their border is crazy.

So who made it through?
Nobody made it to Canada but me. I rolled out with Isaac and Filth (ICU film crew) dolo and I’m here now with no phone in a coffee shop getting wifi. Everyone else rolled straight to Detroit because they couldn’t get in. I have a day off here so I’ll probably see whats up with a tattoo somewhere.

So what’s everyone else doing?
They hated on some of us which resulted in us driving to Buffalo and waiting there to see about Canada because though Montreal was a wrap, Toronto was an option. In the process of me waiting ICU homies told me they were riding to Toronto which was 2 hours away and it was one seat left so I just jumped in the car. Without no plan I just ended up in Toronto with no phone. Ended up meeting with Yams here and we are currently posted here in Toronto until we drive to Detroit tomorrow to meet with the rest of the Mob.

So were you able to get tatted?
No tats but our friend Lola who threw the show for us in Toronto had a cake ready for Rocky’s birthday. Today, the 3rd is Rocky’s actual birthday and it’s also 3 other people’s birthdays today. A$AP Lou, A$AP Ty Beats and Bready Filth (ICU). The cake was dope, I got a picture of it (above). Today we’re going to try and bring this over the border to Detroit. We have a show later on today.

Peep the A$AP Mob’s performances from the tour below.