TRAILER: Sony Releases Halloween Inspired “Puppeteer” Clip

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Sony is releasing a new Halloween clip for gamers to feast their eyes on — and you can see it for yourself after the jump.

“Puppeteer,” an exclusive PlayStation 3 title which was revealed at Gamescom in August, marks the start of a brand new adventure for Sony. Gamers find themselves in the role of Kutaro, a young boy that has been kidnapped and turned into a puppet. To make matters even worst, Kutaro even has his wooden head cut off by the evil Moon Bear King.

This new trailer, set in the world of Hallowee Ville (yes, that’s not a typo), finds Kutaro attempting to escape the evil Moon Bear King’s black castle by cutting and cropping his way through the ever-changing fantasy world through the use of a pair of magical scissors. According to Sony, “Swap your head to suit the situation and use your fresh perspective to find the way home.”

Have a look at the game’s features below:

• Puppet Action The unique ability to change your head anytime you choose. Lose your head and you lose a life. Use your head and discover that you have the ability to change the world.
• Scissor Action Wielding a pair of magical scissors, Kutaro cuts and crops his way through the adventure.
• Dynamic Changing Interactive Backgrounds A huge variety of backgrounds that are continually changing, taking you on a journey of discovery that will surprise and thrill.
• Seamless Storytelling Using Theatrical Techniques Audience, lights, sets, music and narration all combine to create a mesmerizing, unique storytelling experience.

We got a chance to watch this game in action during Sony’s holiday event awhile back, and we have to say that this is a must for casual gamers looking for an entertaining adventure! Luckily, you’ll get a chance to get your hands on “Puppeteer” soon, as the game is scheduled for release in 2013, according to the game’s trailer.

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