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On Trial: Inside The Kwame Kilpatrick Case ( Blog #6)

Expensive hotel rooms. First class airline flights. Moving expenses. Rent. Water park tickets. And prestige summer camp for the kids. These are just a few of the expenses that the federal government have accused Kilpatrick of illegally billing to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund, a nonprofit created by Kilpatrick to improve Detroit’s low income children and to educate city voters. The Kilpatrick Civic Fund was a 501(c) 4, a form of nonprofit organization that includes civic leagues, social welfare organizations and local associations of employees. Which mean that they could promote electoral or political activities but were not allowed to directly support specific candidates. Kilpatrick removed himself from a leadership role with the organization in 2001 before becoming mayor. However, U.S. Attorney Mark Chutkow alleges that evidence exists to show Kilpatrick spent $159,000 from the fund on political endeavors, $195,000 on his family and friends and $200,000 on personal expenses between 2002 and 2008. Prosecutors allege Kilpatrick defrauded donors of the charity, which violated IRS tax laws.
Week three started on Tuesday, after a break from the Columbus Day holiday, with a bang. Brian Lang, operator of Spy Ops in Lathrup Village, Michigan, 20 minutes from downtown Detroit, testified in the corruption trial that a staff member for the Kilpatrick administration was his customer. Citing the “paranoia and distrust” that permeated Detroit City Hall's upper-management in 2007, Lang says that the staffer wasn't looking for equipment to spy, but to make sure others weren't spying on Kilpatrick and other city leaders. Lang spoke about entering "some private elevators and back-ways" late one night to search for bugs in city offices at The Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

By Wednesday, the sister of Kilpatrick’s ex-mistress and chief of staff, Christine Beatty may have hurt the former mayor with her testimony, telling jurors the Kilpatrick Civic Fund paid for summer camp for Kilpatrick’s children, a family water park trip, and rent and moving expenses for Kilpatrick following his resignation. April Edgar was the former mayor’s scheduler and half-sister of Beatty. Her testimony about numerous civic fund checks she co-signed after her sister resigned were written at the direction of either Kilpatrick or his sister Ayanna Kilpatrick, but she never felt she was doing anything illegal or unethical.

Testimony on Thursday suggests that Christine Beatty paid her own consulting company more than $110,000 in March 2008 with approvals from the mayor. The payments came after Beatty resigned as chief of staff when steamy text messages emerged showing she had a sexual relationship with Kilpatrick.

What went down this week that was powerful.

The government is introducing the complex case in the form of chapters; this chapter’s story line this week includes Kilpatrick’s unlawfully misused the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.
The second chapter involved allegations that Kilpatrick steered a state grant meant for children and seniors to his wife and longtime contractor friend Bobby Ferguson.

The first chapter dealt with stories about hidden money and claims that Kilpatrick had a lot of cash in his bank account that couldn't be traced to a source. All of the chapters are part of the government's bigger story line that Kilpatrick; his father, Bernard Kilpatrick; Ferguson, and ex-city water chief Victor Mercado ran a criminal enterprise through the mayor's office to enrich themselves. Criminal activity, the government says, started when Kilpatrick was a state legislator and escalated when he became mayor.

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ER Doctor Killed In Mercy Hospital Shooting Honored With Scholarship Fund

After Dr. Tamara O'Neal's brutal killing by her ex-fiancé in November, her former classmates have created a scholarship fund in her name. The Tamara O'Neal MD Scholarship Fund will benefit a first-year medical student in the Urban Health Program at the University of Illinois, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.

O'Neal's former classmates have raised $68,000 so far and if a sufficient amount of money is raised, the group of friends will create a second scholarship and offer it to fourth-year medical students who have plans of completing their residency in emergency medicine, the same path O'Neal chose. The classmates hope to raise enough money so that the scholarship will be "ongoing" as was disclosed by the O'Neal's father, Tom O'Neal.

Her father additionally praised the initiative. "Tamara was always a person who lived to help people, and to be able to pass that on in the form of this scholarship fund to help someone else, then Tamara still lives."

"She used to call me up and tell me to say an extra prayer for her when she had a big exam," he continued. "Now I'll say an extra prayer for the person who gets this scholarship."

O'Neal worked as an emergency room physician at Mercy Hospital in Chicago when she was murdered by gunman Juan Lopez. Among the other victims were Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez, and pharmacy resident Dayna Less. After being wounded by the police, Lopez fatally shot himself.

O'Neal was described as being the "glue that held us together," by med school friend Chisalu Nchekwube when discussing their group.

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NYPD Cop Believed To Have Been Killed In 1999 Is Actually Still Alive

It was believed that NYPD cop Vincent Ling died as a result of gunshot wounds back in 1999. However, on Monday (Mar. 19), it was discovered that he's alive and well, after cops tracked down his supposed killer.

Per the New York Daily News, Lester Pearson, Ling's killer, was arrested at his home in Jacksonville, Fla. A wanted man in several states, authorities reported that Ling’s killer was in custody.

After NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill tweeted that they caught Ling's killer in Florida, they later had to take back their report, as they discovered Ling didn't die as a result of his injuries. They said that a "misread" of the attempted murder warrant "led to confusion."

"Ling was off duty when he was shot. Because he worked undercover, his name was not released at the time of the incident," the Daily News writes. "News reports of the time say he spent at least a month in the hospital, and was partly paralyzed by a bullet lodged in his spine."

Reports say that Ling is now 47 years old, and records indicate that he lives in The Bronx. He could not be reached for comment, and the NYPD did not answer questions regarding how they discovered he was alive.

"Pearson had been living in Jacksonville under the name Michael Davis with his girlfriend and several children. He performed as a rapper named Monsta Kodi and has more than 100,000 Instagram followers," the Daily News says of Ling's alleged killer. They lived in the same neighborhood and had beef; Pearson once dated Ling's sister.

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Jordyn Woods' start to 2019 was relatively rough but things are starting to smooth out for the 21-year-old, according to The Blast. The media outlet reports that following her cheating scandal with NBA player Tristan Thompson and her appearance on the Facebook show, Red Table Talk, Woods received numerous deals from overseas businesses.

The Blast revealed that sources involved with the deals disclosed that Woods along with her "momager," Elizabeth Woods will leave for London at the end of the month to sign "several new deals." Many of the opportunities being offered to the California native revolve around the beauty industry, including a new line for her eyelash brand.

Although Woods' mother may be her manager, she has marketing genius Sheeraz Hasan to thank for her new, lucrative deals. Hasan, who has coincidentally worked with Kim Kardashian, has handled deals between Hollywood and the Middle East for Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Logan Paul just to name a few. He is the brain behind Woods' upcoming trip to London, and a later trip to Dubai which she reportedly teased on her Instagram Story with a video showcasing her mother and Hasan.

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