V Playlist: Freeway, Consequence, Marques Houston, Dom Kennedy x Tyga x Juicy J, Nick Hook


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Freeway – “Jungle”
Free’s flow hits hard, just like we remember from the good ol’ Roc-A-Fella days. With this crazy instrumental, the homie just may have a banger on his hands.

2. Consequence – “Too Easy”
Cons took it back to ’94 with the Mad Lion instrumental! He gets so much respect for ripping over this beat.

3. Marques Houston – “Speechless”
With all the Raz B/Chris Stokes drama, we almost forgot how crisp Marques Houston’s falsetto is. Overall, this is a pretty smooth track to make a comeback with.

4. Dom Kennedy (feat. Tyga & Juicy J) – “My Type Of Party (Remix)”
The beat doesn’t change too much for this remix, but the added verse from Tyga definitely doesn’t hurt the song. We especially liked the breakdown on Juicy’s part.

5. Nick Hook – Without You (EP)
Without You explores a number of styles, textures, and compositions while still retaining a common thread among tracks. This set includes El-P, Color Film, and Machinedrum.