V Playlist: Freeway, Wu-Tang Clan x Kool G Rap, Troy Ave, Murs x 9th Wonder, Theo Martins, Vince Staples x Michael Uzowuru, Jonathas


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Freeway – Freedom Of Speech (Mixtape)
Freeway lets his voice be heard on his latest project, as made apparent with the opening track “F.O.S.” (featuring Jim Jones’ mother Mama Jones on the intro). With some slick wordplay, Don Cannon taking over hosting duties, and production that’ll have you nodding along to every song, it’s definitely good to hear new Free in our speakers again. Standout tracks include “Go Get It,” the boom-bap-inspired “Beards R’ Us,” “We Up,” and the Indian flute-sampled “Dinars.”

2. Wu-Tang Clan & Kool G Rap – “Rivers Of Blood”
Based on the names featured, you’d think this would be a “fresh-out-the-90s” banger. However—most likely due to the fact that this will appear on the eclectic Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack—what you get is almost alternative/rock, blues, and cowboy shoot ‘em up inspired hip-hop mixed all in one. Overall, it definitely makes for an interesting mash-up.

3. Troy Ave – “Us (Key Mix)”
There’s nothing really that popped off about this “Key Mix,” but he did add his own spin to the track. We’ll give him credit for that.

4. Murs & 9th Wonder – “It’s Over”
With 9th delivering yet another hot beat, and Murs spitting massive fire, we really have nothing but good words about this one. One word in particular that comes to mind though is “dope.”

5. Theo Martins – Wonderland (EP)
This EP takes hip-hop and mashes it up with elements of R&B, pop, and even dance (as heard on the track “Blue Valentine”). The mix of genres definitely makes for an interesting listen. “Star Fox,” “Prisms,” and the titled track “Wonderland” stood out to us the most.

6. Vince Staples & Michael Uzowuru – Winter In Prague (Mixtape)
Winter In Prague definitely has a “cold” feel, almost dark at times. The appropriately titled mixtape plays with elements similar to those of Odd Future—which isn’t surprising, seeing as they’re affiliated with each other. If you like your music a bit dreary with a hint of comedic appeal, check this one out for sure. Standouts include the opener “Winter In Prague,” “Twitch,” and “Black Oprah.”

7. Jonathas – “Written in Stone”
It looks like The Voice birthed one talented dude. “Written In Stone” is smooth, seductive, and plays on the nature of R&B. Not a bad start, at all.