V Playlist: Lloyd x Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, Asher Roth, Realm Reality x Skyzoo, Vina Mills


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Lloyd (feat. Roscoe Dash) – “Sexcapade”
Covering anything Aaliyah-related is tricky, being that it’ll be judged on such a high pedestal given how influential her work is. This track—which borrows the Timbaland-crafted “4 Page Letter” beat—actually isn’t half bad. Lloyd found ways to add to the beat, while still keeping the crafty essence of the original. While it’s not anything to go crazy over, we’ll give the homie credit for keeping Baby Girl’s memory alive without the use of tattoos.

2. Machine Gun Kelly – “Smoke Hard”
Forgettable, but homie does have bars.

3. Asher Roth – “Wrestling Is Fake”
This serves as a respectable mix of hip-hop-meets-alternative-pop. In a nutshell, it fits Asher’s new steez to a tee.

4. Realm Reality (feat. Skyzoo) – “Can’t Fuck With Me”
Good hip-hop right here. That pretty much sums it up.

5. Vina Mills – “Love Em Good”
We’re glad to hear artists still riding the hip-hop soul wave. We can see this going hard in the clubs, especially because of that clapping incorporated in the beat.