V Playlist: Meek Mill, Angel Haze, John Hart x French Montana, V. Bozeman, Stunnaman


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Meek Mill – “Tony Story Pt. 2″
Meek pulls out his storytelling side with this Dreams & Nightmares album cut. “Tony Story Pt. 2″ can be best described as street poetry, telling the cautionary tragic tale of Tony vs. Pauly so vividly that you almost smell the wet concrete of the rain hitting the pavement in the background. It gets to a point where you realize that the names may be fictional, but there’s nothing fake about this story. Overall, this is the definition of a deep cut.

2. Angel Haze – Classick (Mixtape)
Much like her personal, at times unbearable, “Cleaning Out My Closet” remake—which is featured on this mixtape—Angel Haze pours out her life, pain, & struggles on Classick. From her take on Lupe’s “Bitch Bad” to Jay-Z “Song Cry,” the emotions are at an extreme high. However, while the mixtape definitely has its share of melancholy tunes, there’s a sense of optimism within each song. Sure, Angel’s been though a lot, but she seems stronger for it. Based off the strength of her raps, we can’t wait to hear more original content from this emo rap vixen.

3. John Hart (feat. French Montana) – “Who Booty (Remix)”
Songs like this make you really wonder what’s happening to the state of R&B. While we’re all for artists tapping into their freaky side every now and then, there’s something very off-putting about hearing “Now let me smack it” lopped in the chorus over a mediocre beat.

4. V – “Poison”
The fact that V Bozeman is signed to Cee-Lo Green’s Eight Entertainment is definitely apparent by the overall sound of this track. It’s eclectic, upbeat, and has a modern funk feel that gets your body moving. “Poison” is essentially one of Cee-Lo’s best songs that he never made.

5. Stunnaman – “Bandz On The Flo'”
This is another club joint that makes you want to stand on a chair & raise your bottle in the air. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have a drink, or five, in your system to actually enjoy this one though.