V Playlist: Nelly, Kidd Kidd x Juvenile, Gotham Citi, Ricky Ruckus x Gucci Mane, Fortunate Ones, Goodz x Fred da Godson


VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Nelly – “CNF (Country Nigga Fly)”
Nelly goes off on this boastful southern anthem. Catch this one when it appears on his upcoming mixtape Scorpio Season, dropping November 2nd.

2. Kidd Kidd (feat. Juvenile) – “New Warleans”
Kidd Kidd gives a crash course on the rough side of his city. His Street Fame mixtape drops in November.

3. Ricky Ruckus (feat. Gucci Mane) – “Make A Song”
Don’t focus too much on the lack of actual lyricism here. This one was definitely made for the clubs—especially for those who like to shake their dreads in the club. You can’t be mad at that.

4. Fortunate Ones – What Are You Doing Tomorrow? (EP)
Describing this as “experimental” & “different”—as the Fortunate Ones themselves describe it—is actually not a bad choice of words. However, that’s not exactly a bad thing. The sound on What Are You Doing Tomorrow? is a great blend on trippy-meets-street. Our choice picks are ” A Quickie During Lunch Break” & “Nobody Gives A Shit.”

5. Gotham Citi – “Official”
Is this the rebirth of the R&B group? From first listen, this is the emotion that ” Official” brings to mind. The 112 and Next influences are apparent, but we think Gotham Citi do both of those 90s boy bands justice with this single. Overall, nice effort.

6. Goodz (feat. Fred da Godson) – “So Cold”
This will be the first single off Goodz’s The Hangover mixtape.