VIBE Can’t Look Away: 20 Celeb Car Accidents


Hip-Hop mogul Diddy was involved in a car accident Wednesday . And although Cassie’s beau wasn’t harmed, he did have to lie down on the grass to get his nerves together shortly after. We’re just glad he wasn’t on his way to one of his White Parties. Diddy’s driver T-Boned a Lexus Sedan after it turned left in from them at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Diddy tweeted “Woah, that was a close one!” this morning to his 9 million followers.

We’re glad to hear Diddy’s okay, and while some accidents are horrific (Actor James Dean & Jackass star Ryan Dunn) others are quite comical (Eddie Griffin) Here are 20 celeb fender-benders. Buckle Up!

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