Vibe Exclusive: Sander van Doorn on Amsterdam Dance Event


Sander van Doorn has risen to play a starring role in the world of electronic music today. In his seven year journey he’s managed to break down musical genres and stereotypes that once held artist’s hostage, all the while engaging fans on a global scale and showcasing electronic music in ways that had never been done before. He’s heading to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this week along with VIBE and gives us the skinny on what its all about:

What does being a part of ADE mean to you?
For me it’s the culmination of work and business along with a bit of pleasure.

Who are looking forward to seeing perform?
I would like to see Carl Cox but my event is on the same night. Maybe Daft Punk…haha.

How do you prepare to step up your spin game for the event?
I never know what I will play in advance, although I do spend a lot of time working on edits of tracks that I might drop in. I always want to give the fans something new each time I play, so this part of things is very important!

What’s the craziest situation you’ve found yourself in while in Amsterdam?
Well, since I live in Holland, nothing really surpises me anymore. That’s another way of saying I take the fifth! 😉

Finish this sentence… “The best part of ADE for me is…”
Not having to get on a plane!! It’s also great having everyone right in my backyard for the week. Great for catching up with everyone.

Check Sander at these events:
Oct 17- Escape Club
Oct 19- ADE Master Class with Sander van Doorn
Oct 19- Xbox and HALO 4 present exclusive “Meet & Beat” with Sander van Doorn