VIBE Premiere! MANIK “Breakfast Club” Ten Times Ten EP


MANIK’s gritty yet down-tempo track “Breakfast Club” is reminiscent of the ’80s era with one foot in the door of the future. This track debuts today exclusively on VIBE indicating the future has arrived. The producer’s sweet synthesizers pulsate us directly into Molly Ringwold’s grasp… a simple place where any of our homies would like to call, home.

Look out for MANIK’s Ten Times Ten EP on Culprit, November 5th. In the meantime, get groovy with this track. Then read a short Q&A with MANIK below, and tell us, do you see a collaboration with Pharell in the works? You never know!

What’s the inspiration behind the title of the EP?
The title of the EP comes from the movie Breakfast Club…an 80s inspiration for sure. It’s also a throwback to my 1st EP with Culprit where there were also movie influences on the EP title.

Who is your dream hip-hop collaborator?
Producer-wise I’d love to work with Pharell. He’s been an inspiration for quite a while. One of the main producers that got me into production too. But, being a born and bred Queens guy, I’d like to jump in there with Action Bronson and make something.

Were you more likely to be in the chess club or breakfast club in high school?
I was in the Art club drawing graf on desks and day dreaming of making beats. But the only “club” I was ever in during school was basketball. Where I was from, you either tagged, played ball, or made music. As a teen, I tried to do all 3.