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Brandy Interview Extras: The Advice She Gave Frank Ocean

Brandy lands on the cover of VIBE Vixen this month. And the R&B vet gave such a great interview that we couldn't fit it all in one story. Check out the extras below.

On Realizing Her Boyfriend Was The One

I was working with a writer that he managed at the time and [Ryan] walked in. I was like, 'He’s cute and really quiet.' We never really connected because I’m old school. I’m not going to say 19 words to you [but] you only said two. We were always working together at certain industry events and I always remembered him and [thought] it was a connection there but I didn’t move on it and he didn’t move on it. We were at this party together and I was so exhausted and bugged out. I didn’t want to be there but I went anyway with my cousin, my manager. He (Ryan) was with his boys and he wasn’t even supposed to be there because he didn’t feel like going to that party either. He came up to me and I was like “Hey Ryan,” like I had seen him yesterday...but I thought he was married for some reason. So I walked up to him and said, “You’re married. Please stop staring at me.” He was like, "I’m not married. What are you talking about?" We parted and he tried to get my number through a mutual friend. My friend hit me up like “Yo Bran, somebody’s looking for you and no, he’s not married. Look, he’s smart, he’s good with his money, he’s a good dude [and] his dad's in the Temptations.” That was like the icing on the cake. When he called, the moment I heard his voice, I was like, 'He’s the one.'

On Being Open About Her Relationship

I’m just an open person. It's like when you feel this type of feeling [where] you want to tell the world about it and don't care what nobody say. People that keep their relationship private that really have that undeniable love, it’s hard for them to keep it private. Trust me. They want to tell people to [but] just choose not to. The type of love I feel for my daughter, I want to tell the world. I’m not afraid of it.


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Nipsey Hussle Involved In L.A. Brawl After Being Mistaken For O.T. Genasis

Nipsey Hussle had a pretty eventful weekend. The rapper was reportedly involved in a brawl outside of a nightclub in West Hollywood on Sunday (Dec. 9). The only problem is, Nipsey wasn't the target; O.T. Genasis was.

The Victory Lap artist was reportedly outside of his girlfriend Lauren London's birthday bash at Nightingale's when the incident occurred. According to TMZ, several men approached Nipsey and his crew in the parking lot. A couple of them reportedly swung on the rapper before security was called to break up the situation.

While the brawl seemed random, but it apparently stemmed from an earlier interaction with O.T. Genasis. Earlier that night, the "Everybody Mad" rapper was reportedly spotted punching a man outside of the nightclub before chopping it up with Nipsey Hussle. TMZ reports that the unidentified man and friends were looking to even the score with O.T. Genasis and got mixed up because both him and Nipsey were wearing plaid shirts on the night of the incident. While it has not been confirmed, the situation looks like a typical case of mistaken identity.

Despite the drama, Nipsey seemed pretty unbothered when TMZ caught up with him outside of LAX. "That's life. We don't give that s**t no attention," Nipsey said about the altercation. "We workin' on music at this point. Do I got any bruises, any scratches? We workin' bro."

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Ciara Requests Mediation With Future Over Son's Travel Schedule

Ciara has had enough of the back and forth with her ex Future over their son's travel schedule. Now, she's requesting help from the family court. The singer is reportedly asking the judge to force Future into mediation with her so they can hash out a travel schedule for their four-year-old, Future Jr.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Future has been a flake when it comes to keeping up with his visits with his son. He's allegedly missed scheduled visits and has frequently left baby Future with his mother or grandmother without spending time with him. The "Level Up" artist also noted that the constant traveling has been taxing on her son. So, she wants to figure out a schedule for his own wellbeing.

Ciara's legal team alleges that they attempted to straighten out a schedule without help from a judge, but were unsuccessful. If a judge will not grant a mandatory mediation, Ciara is requesting to settle the matter in a trial hearing.

Ciara and Future have had a very tumultuous relationship throughout the years. The former couple have been in and out of the courts regarding custody and child support. Hopefully, they will reach some middle ground in the new year.

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Vic Mensa Apologized To XXXTentacion's Mother Over BET Freestyle Diss

Vic Mensa sparked controversy earlier this year after he took jabs at XXXTentacion's abusive past during a freestyle at the 2018 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Many criticized the timing of his diss, saying he shouldn't have said it while X's mother was in attendance to accept her son's award. While Vic stated that he doesn't regret his comments, he admitted that he did apologize to X's mom.

"I actually reached out to his mother personally,” the rapper said during an appearance on radio's "The Breakfast Club" on Monday (Dec. 10). "I apologized to her because I didn’t know she would be in attendance… I wouldn’t walk back any of my statements because what I said, I meant. And some more truth came to light not long after."

He also mentioned that although his timing was inappropriate, his talking points were important and necessary. "At the end of the day, I do think that the conversation that I was trying to bring up and that I did bring up is a super necessary conversation," he continued. "Maybe the way of going about it was not the best for the time, but I think the conversation is one that had to be had – talking about violence against women and misogyny in hip-hop, but particularly violence against women. I had a lot of people on the low reach out to me and thank me for that."

As previously mentioned, XXXTentacion was accused of physically abusing his then-pregnant, ex-girlfriend. Vic's freestyle included the lines: "Only time you bear arms is in a wife beater, loser/Your favorite rapper is an abuser." Weeks after the viral diss, audio obtained by Pitchfork, revealed the rapper admitting to committing physical harm against her and others.

Check out Vic Mensa full interview above.

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