VIBE’s Top Five Halloween 2012 EDM Costumes


Halloween is looming in the air this month, and what better way to celebrate than by dressing up like a music superstar adored by million (albeit being one)?

Whether you’re buying your costume or going the DIY route, here are the Top 5 DJ costumes that’ll push the party’s buttons this Oct 31.

A mouse head and a black tee…pretty simple right? Not so fast. You can purchase a custom mouse head starting at $295 or make your own for around $75-$100. To go DIY, you will need a hamster bowl, hot glue gun, stick on red felt, white silk (although) I would use a jersey fabric, steel mesh, markers and several other supplies. You can see further DIY deets HERE. For further authenticity remove the head at intervals to chain smoke and drink two cups of coffee. Also scream a lot about the your talentless colleagues.