VIBEVIXEN Quickie: Kendrick Lamar Talks About How He Like His Sex


Mr. good kid, m.A.A.d city Kendrick Lamar talks his favorite sex position and why he fantasizes about Stacy Dash over Beyoncé.–Jazmine Henley-Brown

VIBE VIXEN: Let’s talk about sex: Make love or f–k?
KENDRICK LAMAR: [Laughs] There’s a time for both of them. You just gotta know when.

Favorite song to do it to?
I like the woman to make her own music.

Her own playlist?
Nah, not a playlist. Her own sounds, the actual moans. Sample that. I got a good rhythm. I don’t need no snare drum or nothing like that.

What’s your favorite position?
Ah come on, Snoop first album [Doggystyle].

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