VIDEO: Actor Brad Pitt Joins Chanel No. 5

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For the first time in Chanel’s 91 year history, the perfume behemoth is being endorsed by a male celebrity.

The 46-year-old Brad Pitt has been chosen as the man for the task, even though we’re pretty sure that the $7 million paycheck will have sweetened the experience. To get all the ladies in the mood (and rather hot under the No. 5-scented collar), the luxury brand has released a selection of campaign teaser videos (you can see one below) for the advertising campaign, due to hit the glossies in full this November.

The eight second clip should be enough to entice the pantaloons of ladies worldwide, as each mini-video features the father-of-six, Mr. Brad Jolie. Directed by Joe Wright (“Atonement,” “Anna Karenina”) shot the full commercial, which premieres on October 15.

Props: Huffington Post