VIDEO: The Brooklyn Good Guys Present — Greater Goods

In a world of miseducation and misplaced priorities, the Brooklyn Good Guys return once more to defy the conventional norm! The Brooklyn Good Guys continue to embark on a journey to provide the best quality entertainment known to man. For those who are uninitiated, The BGG is a collective of likeminded individuals who are not taking a passive role in creating positive endeavors within the world community. Fresh Daily, Suahd and Suede Jury, backed by a militia of movers and shakers, will be bringing their popular “Greater Goods” showcase to New York City on November 1st. If you missed any of the previous ones, or wanted to just find something cool to get into, do NOT miss this:

The Brooklyn Good Guys Present Greater Goods from The Brooklyn Good Guys on Vimeo.

Brought to you by The Brooklyn Good Guys + PopGun, audiophiles and fans of the popular “Spread Love” party series should head to The Glasslands Gallery to hear dope music from the game’s up-and-coming talent from across the nation. Acts such as Black Spade, Cavalier, Ohbliv, P.U.D.G.E. and Fresh Daily will be performing live, as M.C. K~Swift and ScienZe host the night’s festivities. Tickets are $10 in advance which can be purchased by clicking HERE. As always, The Brooklyn Good Guys will have free giveaways plus special surprise guests and DJ’s all night long! So, don’t be square, be there!