VIDEO: Bus Driver Delivers Uppercut To Cleveland Teenager

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The expression, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” comes to mind after watching this viral video.

In a clip that is set to go all over the World Wide Web, a teenage girl from Cleveland, Ohio, received an uppercut directly to the face after taunting an RTA bus driver. This disturbing piece of footage was uploaded to WorldStarHipHop, yet the local news report couldn’t find any information about the assailant or the victim. It is equally unclear what the two are arguing over, but you can see in the clip below that the young girl threatens the driver. He then tells her that he would have his daughter and even his granddaughter come over to the bus to fight the irate teen—right there in the street!

The girl responds vehemently escalating the feud to Mortal Kombat-esque proportions. After the RTA driver points out a facial scar that the girl allegedly had on her face, making the entire bus erupt into laughter, the girl initiates the fight before the daughter, granddaughter or “mammy” could enter into the fracas.

After releasing some Hulk-like roid rage through her fists, the teen gets berated by the driver, as he yells at her, “You’re going to jail now, you’re going to jail now,” and out of nowhere he uppercuts the teen right under the jaw and she falls straight to the ground.

Watch the incident for yourself below:

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