VIDEO: David Letterman Puts Donald Trump On Blast!

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The Donald appears to be milking every last nanosecond out of his latest ploy for media attention.

Trump in a sit down chat with David Letterman, sought to address his big Obama announcement and its subsequent flop. For those who have been living under a rock, Trump, with just weeks to go before the 2012 election, revealed that he would offer $5 million to the charity of the president’s choice ONLY if he produces his college transcripts and other documents. The media responded with their own bevy of jokes, while the American public just offered crickets of silence.

Obama even made a funny about the controversy with Letterman rival Jay Leno the night before, poking fun at Trump’s birther tendencies, getting a hearty laugh from potential voters on and off television. Letterman, seeing that Trump’s popularity has been lower and lower since the flubbed announcement, got The Donald to brag about how great his clothing line is—specifically his ties. While the real estate mogul slash reality TV star boasted about the greatness of his ties and a Romney presidency, Letterman jumps on a comment regarding Romney’s tough stance on China, and an instant viral video was born.

We won’t ruin the punchline for you all. So, sit back, press play and watch the flustered Donald Trump be at a lost for words on David Letterman’s show. Check it out below:

Props: Inquisitr