VIDEO: Man Gets Choked Outside Brooklyn Supermarket

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Who says that gentrification doesn’t bring the goonies out?!

Now that the Barclays Center is done and the overall gentrifying of Brooklyn as we know it has begun, be prepared to see more videos like THIS spot up. This clip, which was spotted at Brooklyn Bullsh*t, prominently finds a new resident seemingly trespassing into territories unknown, and receives a vicious choke out from his new neighbors. As you can see for yourself, the group holds down the would-be New Yorker as his attacker proudly claims that this is “his neighborhood.” There is no indication as to what started the fracas, but clearly the guy putting his boots to the neck of the new New Yorker is peeved about something.

Maybe you can figure it out. Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section:

Props: BS