Visionquest Unveils Debut Album ‘DRM’


Music conglomerate Visionquest is best known for their unconventional style. Migrating from their beloved hometown of Detroit, the Seth Troxler lead team of creative masterminds has taken the international stage by storm from their new base of operations, Berlin. Marking their first venture into uncharted waters, Visionquest presents their first full length album release featuring their own Ryan Crosson and Cadenza’s Cesar Merveille.

Integrating the two unique styles typical of the musical powerhouses, ‘DRM’ is an eclectic mixture of productions that can only be described as musical adventures. Epitomizing true soul session music, this album is not for the faint hearted. Perfectly fitting for those who have a developed ear for good production, this Cadenza-Quest creation showcases the best of both worlds. From the depths of Visionquest’s self exploration to the tropical sounds of Ibiza’s favorite music troubadours, ‘DRM’ is a combination that cannot be fully described. Truly an emotion fueled album, this Crosson-Merveille creation successfully takes listeners through multiple spectrums of sound. Dropping this month, expect a multitude of praise around this Visionquest release.

Full Tracklist:
1. Nymphean
2. Pending featuring Arthur Simonini & Kate Simko
3. Again & Again featuring Greg Paulus
4. No Hassle
5. DRM
6. At The Seams featuring Banana Lazuli & Arthur Simonini
7. Orca
8. Escale
9. The Day You Left