Vixen Chat: Choreographer Brice D. Vick


He’s the man responsible for Brice D. VickAshanti’s moves.

Brice D. Vick has been shaking it to ballet, jazz, tap and African dance since he was a child. After seizing an opportunity born from coincidence, Vick’s career has since dazzled dance floors for the likes of Outkast and Lauryn Hill.

His latest project was collaborating with Harlemite rapstress Azealia Banks for her tour after meeting her through a mutual friend. “Azealia came to rehearsal and said ‘I wanna dance’ and had all these wild ideas” Vick recalls. “We got to the studio and she called me up Christmas of 2011 and was like, ‘Yo I’m ’bout to pop off again’. [That’s when] I heard “212” and it was bananas.”

Though working up a sweat with big names is daily routine, the talented dancer/ creative director is bringing his moves to non-famous dance stars ages 3 and up with a new Hip Hop DVD.

“When Brice D. Vick is dead and gone, I wanna accomplish that I touched a lot of people’s lives,” he says. “I say I’m the choreographer to the stars [but] it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity. That’s where I get my fulfillment and want my legacy to be.”

Watch the full interview along with a snippet of Vick’s choreography for Banks’ “212” below.