Vixen Chat: Faith Evans Talks New Reality Show and R&B Music


With a musical climate dominated by hip-hop, dance and pop, it’s hard for the R&B artist to stand out amongst her musical peers while still remaining true to her voice. This is just one of the many subjects tackled on R&B Divas, TVOne’s record-breaking reality show that stars Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Syleena Johnson, Monifah and Keke Wyatt. Audiences have watched the five singers try to create a positive balance between work and a personal life, including their friendships with each other.

Hip-hop’s most famous widow, Faith Evans, has been at the helm of this reality success, serving as co-creator and executive producer of the show’s companion album. Divas not only shows Vixens in control of their own destinies, but also serves as a reminder that reality television doesn’t have to be “ratchet” to reach a wide audience.

Vixen caught up with Evans to talk about the show’s overnight success, the current state of R&B as well as the portrayal of black women on reality television.–Nicole Brown