Vixen Inspiration: Overcome Your Frustrations!



I’m confident to say that all of you have audacious goals and dreams that you desire to accomplish. I’m also confident that you are pursuing them to best of your abilities. In life, however, when you have aspirations, it can often be daunting as frustration settles in. In all that you do, it’s important to seek balance. I wanted to share with you some quick tips to overcome frustration in pursuing your goals in life.

1. Perspective. Frustration is often the point where most give up. You must shift your perspective to knowing that frustrating times will come, but you will be able to endure. In short, if you change your perspective towards a thing, in turn, it will change its perspective towards you!

2. You are equipped. Know that if the vision is put in you, then you are more than equipped to bring it to pass. Say to yourself: “I have in me at this very moment, everything I need to accomplish my dreams!”

3. Take a breather. Sometimes you need to escape and enjoy the life you have. This will re-energize you to get back in the fight. Inspiration comes from everywhere. A nice walk in the park, listening to music and hanging out with friends are great “breathers” along the journey.

Lastly, pray, give thanks and ask. Gratitude confirms any relationship. Thank God that you were chosen to bring such a dream to existence, then ask God to give you the strength and new ways to approach your dream.

Enjoy your week, Vixens!

Pervis Taylor III, is the author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One. He’s also a Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Leader. For more  info visit and twitter: @pervistaylor