Vixen Salute: Elaine Welteroth Named New Beauty & Health Director of ‘Teen Vogue’


It appears Conde Nast has gotten the memo.   Elaine Welteroth Named Teen Vogue Editor

Some weeks ago, we applauded and then paused when Keija Minor was named the first African American editor-in-chief for any of Conde Nast’s eighteen publications in its 100-plus year history.  Fast-forward to now and former senior beauty editor of Glamour magazine, Elaine Welteroth has been hired as the new Beauty and Health Director at Teen Vogue.

As an African American woman, Welteroth’s new role will add some much needed racial diversity to Conde Nast’s leadership roster. “We live in a multi-cultural world, so embracing diversity is important in every industry,” Welteroth tells Fashionista. “As it related to publishing, I think magazines really benefit from having a staff with a range of different perspectives and cultural references so that any reader can feel like there is someone on the masthead they can relate to, someone they can trust to speak for them.  It’s great to see that idea being embraced more and more.”

We are ecstatic for the new boss lady! Ms. Welteroth has the potential to empower teen girls of color in self-image discussions of beauty while inspiring other hard-working women in the publishing industry.  Her post is set to begin Oct. 15 as she transitions over from Glamour.  Let’s get it! – Rachel Francois

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