“Wanted 2″ Parts With Angelina Jolie; Teases New Female Character

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Gun aficionados won’t be able to enjoy Angelina Jolie’s vixen-esque frame in the long-delayed “Wanted 2″ picture, but the writers have revealed some new plans for the film.

Director Timur Bekmambetov (“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) and his 2008 film adaptation of the hardcore Mark Millar comic book grossed $134 million at the U.S. box office, and a sequel from the go always seemed like a no-brainer. Upon Universal Pictures’ beginning to put motion forward to produce a sequel, word was unclear whether Jolie or the original cast would return, and it didn’t seem very likely due to Brangelina’s modus operandi to go for “bigger and more diverse” work.

Now, the screenwriters have revealed that they are planning to go without Jolie on board, and will be introducing a new female character to accompany James McAvoy’s character in the film.

In the action-adventure romp, Jolie played Fox, a veteran assassin who helped guide new young gunner (James McAvoy) through training after he’s drafted to join a super-duper secret society of hit men (led by Morgan Freeman). Fox ends up on the wrong side of a bullet, so bringing the character back for part 2 always seem like a long shot. Bekmambetov previously teased that “Wanted 2″ is going to offer a “great twist” on the mythology of the first film, but what could it possibly be? Will Wes go on his own as a rogue assassin? Will his new female student become his greatest threat?

With things so vague right now, all we can do is sit back and wait for the gunshots to start flying!

Props: Screen Rant