Warren Sapp To Buy His Stuff Back At Bankruptcy Auction


NFL legend, and recent bankrupt victim, Warren Sapp is trying his luck at getting back some of his items that are currently on auction.

According to TMZ—who broke the story of Sapp’s Chapter 7 woes earlier this year—the athlete was forced to hand over nearly all of his possessions to a trustee, who’s been given the task of selling the items to pay off Sapp’s creditors.

According to new legal docs filed in the bankruptcy case, Sapp is making arrangements which will allow him to buy back a bunch of his old belongings. Some of the items included are his old furniture, jewelry, a storage container full of items, and the rights to his missing 2002 Super Bowl ring.

Sapp would have to get a judge to sign off on the arrangement and also shell out $69,284.58.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to bid on his estimated $50,000 collection of Air Jordans, as the trustee is not including that in the deal.

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