WATCH: ESPN’s “Broke” — Full Episode

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ESPN Films’ new season debut a subject that Americans know all too well — being broke! Find out more about the debut film after the jump! NFL players, heck, professional athletes in general, are paid a large sum of money to display their talents. But in a new “30 For 30″ documentary series, director Billy Corben (“Cocaine Cowboys”) analyzes what happens when some of the biggest athletes lose all of their earnings in a matter of moments. The film, which is entitled “Broke,” finds athletes such as former MLB World Series Champion Curt Schilling (who lost major coins by investing in the gaming industry), former NBA All-Star Jamal Mashburn, and former NFL Pro Bowler Andre Rison all explain their stories on how easy it is to lose all of their capital gains on bad financial planning. Interestingly enough, this piece was put together before the Vince Young kerfuffle made headlines around the sports world, and yet “Broke” is the type of documentary that serves as a how not to for anyone who is involved in the world of professional sports entertainment. We’re hoping that John Singleton or F. Gary Gray picks up the ball where Billy Corben left it and do a similar documentary on the rappers who have lost their hard-earned millions to drug addiction, groupies, lavish spending and child support payments. And yes, we’re hoping that MC Hammer and Chingy sign on to tell their stories. You can see the ESPN film in full right below:

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