The Week’s Best (And Worst) Celebrity Tweets: Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Kanye and More


What a sight to see when Twitter’s heavyweights go round for round on our timelines. Don’t act like you weren’t posted on your couch with popcorn in front of your digital screens.

This week seemed to deliver pay-per-view-worthy tweets surrounding Chris Brown’s love triangle, and Nicki Minaj’s duel with Mariah Carey. At least Kanye West took the high road…

Mariah Carey
Minutes after TMZ leaked the footage of her shouting bout with rapstress Nicki Minaj, Mimi posed a question to her followers…or maybe life in general.

“Why you so obsessed with me?” Nah, that’s old Marshall Mathers beef. “Why is it so hard to say goodbye?” Meh, that’s ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’ material. Or maybe “Why did I double up on security after Nicki went monster on me?” The world may never know.