Where Are They Now?: Cash Money’s Original Hot Boyz

There’s only a handful of 90s rap groups that have stood the test of time. When the “Bling-Bling” era launched ghetto entrepreneurs into different tax brackets, record labels such as Cash Money, Bad Boy, Rocafella, and more took over with their own crews.

At the height of boy band mania, there was a different type of all male group tapping into the top 40 charts. There were The Backstreet Boyz, N’Sync, and… then came Nawlins’ Hot Boyz.. Members Juvenile, Lil Wayne, B.G. and Turk introduced a whole new style of music to the world.

Formed on the streets of New Orleans in 1996, these 4 young men (with producer Mannie Fresh) created their own international movement under the guidance of mentors Birdman and Slim, Cash Money records owners.

Over the top jewelery, tales of drug dealin’ and thuggin’, and their own slang helped the Hot Boyz turn out hit-after-hit. As a group they were able to turn out three successful albums: Get It How You Live (97), Guerilla Warfare (99), and Let Em’ Burn (03). Unfortunately, money disputes lead the childhood comrades to disband in 2001.

Since then, each Hot Boy was able to find some degree of solo success, most notably Lil Wayne. Each member also dealt with their own trials and tribulations. All four original Hot Boyz are alive today (member Bulletproof left the group soon after they formed). Turk was just released from prison after serving nearly 9 years. Unfortunately, B.G. was just hit with a 14-year prison sentence for weapons charges. The future of the group remains uncertain, but in their honor, check out a complete timeline of the Hot Boyz’ careers.