Will Smith’s House Gets Swept By Cops For Michelle Obama Brunch


Will Smith may be a respected actor, but even he isn’t exempt to the extreme measures it takes to protect the First Family.

TMZ reports that Will’s L.A. home was swept by the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies in preparation of a $2,500-a-head lunch for Michelle Obama that he and actress Salma Hayek will be hosting this Thursday.

Apparently, several units from the Emergency Operations Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department showed up to sweep the grounds—both inside and out.

Given how intense this presidential election is, and how soon voting polls will be opening, we understand the tight security to an extent. We just wonder how the Smiths feel about this.

Also, here’s a fun fact: If people want their picture taken with Mrs. O at the brunch, the price of admission goes up to $10k a couple.

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