Wiz Khalifa Releases “Runways” Freestyle Video


Wiz Khalifa warms up for the Dec. 4 release of his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. (acronym for Only Nigga in First Class/One Night in First Class) with a candid video for his laid-back “Runways” freestyle.

“Runways” isn’t on the O.N.I.F.C. tracklist, but Khalifa lives up to his upcoming album’s title with a business class ticket from London to Zurich and signing autographs with fans as he waits for his flight at the airport. Gin (no juice) in hand, the Taylor Gang boss raps like a stoned Obi-Won Kenobi — sharing his words of wisdom about the rap game and his impressive come up over the past two years. (It’s only been two years!! WOW!)

“This industry’s a bitch/My dawg, it’s best to use your brain,” he raps over Drake’s “Cameras.” “Keep a couple niggas round that’s tryna do the same/And make a couple million before you try to make a name.”