Women for Obama: Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Kerry Washington


Beyoncé Knowles, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Kerry Washington express their support in the re-election of President Obama in a campaign video released this week titled “Women’s Voices.”  Among other celebrity women, these ladies detail their personal reasoning as to why they will cast their ballot for President Barack Obama in November.  President Obama is referenced as the better advocate for women’s rights and political choice for today and tomorrow’s America. Beyoncé mentions the role President Obama will have in preparing a more just society for little girls like her daughter Blue Ivy. The message emphasized throughout the clip is that women possess the power to help decide this election and should not stop short to have their voices heard.

POTUS has made it evident that women and families are of top priority on his agenda.

Yesterday was the first of three political debates, in which incumbent President Obama squared off with Republican candidate Mitt Romney about issues of the fiscal economy and domestic policy. Vice President Joe Biden and Romney’s VP running mate Congressman Paul Ryan are set to meet on October 11, followed by presidential candidates on October 16.

Vixens, watch the Women for Obama clip below!–Rachel Francois