Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Crowd-Sources Newborn’s Name

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Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer welcomed her baby boy into the world, and in a moment of brevity she and her husband Zack Bogue asked the Internet for suggestions for their infant’s name.

According to Forbes, the e-mail that was sent to family and friends can be read for yourselves below:

“Hi All -

Zack and I welcome BBB (Baby Boy Bogue) into our family last night.

He arrived exactly one week ahead of schedule at 22:22 p.m. on 9/30/12, weighing 8 lbs 14 oz and is 21” tall. He is now officially BBBB — Big Baby Boy Bogue! We are all very happy and excited. Name TBD — suggestions welcome!

With love and happiness,

Marissa & Zack”

Technically, the typical online inquiry of crowd-sourcing shouldn’t be a total surprise when you look at their roots. For those who know, Mayer was synonymous with Google until her recent departure this summer and her husband is a managing partner and angel investor of Founders Den.

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