Yankees Say Derek Jeter’s Ankle Injury Is Not Career-Threatening


No need to sweat spring training; Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will be back.

After fracturing his left ankle in the first game of the American League Championship series Saturday night (where the NY Yanks lost to Detroit Tigers 4-6 in 12 innings), Jeter’s injury raised questions about his return to the field next year.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Jeter will need approximately three months to recover, but the injury is not career-ending. ESPN reports that he will most likely undergo surgery. He will sit out for remainder of post-season.

“It’s something that winter will take care of, but I’ve got only limited information and with the shock of the bad news, there wasn’t much dialogue after that,” General Manager Brian Cashman said.

Teammate and Yankees veteran Andy Pettite witnessed Jeter on the field and knew something was up. “When I saw him not get up, I knew he was done, really,” he said.

“It’s bad. It’s a bad loss. Obviously, it’s your captain…We got to move forward and guys are going to step up to play out there. Just have to do a good job for us.”