Young Jeezy Clears the Air on “Rick Ross Fight” and Gucci Mane’s Comments


Jeezy has finally spoken about the “fight” that went down at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards fight. As reported, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy were involved in some sort of altercation backstage at the show in Atlanta. While both men have been pretty silent about what went down, the rumor mill churned out numerous reports of viscous brawls and gunfire. However, Jeezy told Big Boy that it was a minor situation that did not escalate.

“I saw [Ross] in the hallway, we walking out,” Jeezy tells Big Boy. “So me and him never really seen each other face to face. I just felt like… he spoke and I spoke, and that was basically it. At the end of the day, it’s been going on for a long time, so I just felt like if it was to be handled it should have been handled there. In my words I just feel like a lot of these cats are actors, rappers, and I’m Jeezy. They’ll never be me. At the end of the day I refuse to be part of this WWF propaganda to sell records. I can assure you. Ain’t nobody put no hands on me. “

The ATL rapper says he’s has bigger fish to fry. “I’m getting my money. I ain’t worried about another grown man,” Jeezy concluded. Before wrapping up the interview, the snowman also responded to Gucci’s latest words about him.

“Everybody know that boy retarded. Nobody taking him seriously, man. He got an ice cream cone on his face. Let’s be for real. given that said, I’m not going back, I’m going forward. And it’s crazy they’ll call you and want you on songs,” the “Get Right” rapper says. “Of course he did,” Jeezy says about Gucci calling him to collaborate in music. “I just said I didn’t think it was a good idea. I’m passed that. He reached out a few times. I guess he didn’t take his medicine that day. Short bus shorty”

Jeezy also claims Gucci is lying about coming to his birthday party. Jizzle says it was in fact T.I.’s birthday party.

“You talking about a cat that been in the crazy house 3 times. I can’t take him seriously. Nutty buddy. He got an ice cream cone on his face. Grown men don’t do that,” Jeezy continues. “Just the level of disrespect. I can’t deal with that. I got too much and not enough patience to be dealing with someone that catch’s feelings when things don’t go their way.”

Watch the interview below!

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