112’s Michael Keith Talks The Realities Of The Loyalty Zone

Have you ever had the feeling that your man is just going through the motions in your relationship? Like he’s doing just enough that you won’t start complaining, and just enough for you to realize it’s not the same as before? And have you ever been on the verge of calling it quits with your significant other but just as you’re about to throw the deuces… BAZINGA! It’s back to business as usual with no explanation whatsoever?
Well my friends… I fear you may have found yourself in….THE LOYALTY ZONE!

Ahhh the loyalty zone….such a quirky little plane of existence. You see in the loyalty zone,one feels as though one has no alternative other than to continue the relationship solely out of obligation. Knowing good and damn well that’s not what he or she truly wants.
Here’s an example for us to consider… let’s say your man has found himself in dire straits and has no choice but to borrow an enormous sum of money from you… Soon afterwards you two have the mother of all arguments and the only common sense thing to do is to walk away from the relationship, however he’s reluctant to do so now… Why, you ask?
It’s very possible he now feels he owes you something more than money because you “stayed down” with him, so rather than being honest with you and telling you how he truly feels he’s allowing this farce of a relationship to continue because of some idiotic sense of duty.

Now some of you may be cool with your man having his own built in guilt trip, because to you this means he’ll stick around instead of leaving. But this is wrong! In my humble opinion, if the nature of the relationship is at this point, its been over with a long time ago. It’s a shaky foundation and you know it. But hey if your ideal situation involves you living a lie and being with someone that views your relationship as just another task on his to do list, and not valuing the blessing that you truly are, then knock yourself out! However if that isn’t the case, you should definitely let dude know he ain’t doing you any favors by sticking around and playing house. If he’s not happy, he needs to be man enough to admit it so you can move accordingly. He owes you that much…well that and the money he already owes that ass! I’m just saying…

- Michael Keith ( @MichaelKeith112 )