20 Rappers Who Should Fight In A Celebrity Boxing Match

Why do rappers want to fight so much all of a sudden? Last week, the founders of Celebrity Boxing offered 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. $5 million each to participate in a three-round boxing match—and Fif agreed to take part in it almost immediately (Money May has yet to respond, so we’re guessing he’s a no-go). Just days before that, Gucci Mane took to his Twitter account and challenged any rapper out there who wants to step into the boxing ring to holler to him. And, just a few short months ago, Chris Brown and Drake were offered the opportunity to take part in a boxing match with a $1 million purse (Breezy accepted, but Drizzy declined). There are apparently a lot of guys out there who want to duke it out with one another.

So, why don’t more of them actually follow through with their ideas and do it? Seriously. We don’t condone violence that ends with rappers getting seriously injured or, worse, killed. But, if done properly, we think there are some rappers out there who we’d really, really like to see together in a boxing ring. So, we went ahead and put together a list of 20 Rappers Who Should Fight In A Celebrity Boxing Match. What do you say, guys? Care to go a few rounds?