The 25 Best Denzel Washington Films of All Time

With a style and versatility of a Grace Kelly, American icon Denzel Washington is truly a living legend and a treasure to cinephiles the world over. As his 51st movie, “Flight,” soars into theaters, the Mount Vernon, N.Y. native has had no difficulty finding work since making a splash in Hollywood in 1981’s “Carbon Copy” with George Segal.

In “Flight,” Washington plays Whip Whitaker, a veteran pilot and serious alcoholic. Director Robert Zemeckis presents an exceptionally crafted and acted tale of self-destruction and eventual redemption for Denzel to thrive in alongside Brian Geraghty Don Cheadle and John Goodman.

But truly this movie serves as a feel-good testament to the staying power of a legend such as Denzel Washington.

Washington adds another memorable role to his ever-growing list of characters he has created over the span of his 39 year career. He’s so incredibly charismatic, so powerfully endearing on the screen that we couldn’t help but to compile this list of The 25 Best Denzel Washington Films of All Time.

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